oddie, 20. multifandom mess but mostly teen wolf. i like to gif. forever crying over allison argent.

currently on semi hiatus

You see, death doesn’t happen to you, Lydia.
It happens to everyone a r o u n d  y o u .

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maliacuptate replied to your post: what episode is this?O_o
the promo for s6 

wait elena is doing drugs to see damon???


High school was hard! I was friends with a bunch of different groups of people. I was the president of my drama club but also the captain of my dance team and I was in French. So I never really had a core group of people. I definitely didn’t feel like I fit in anywhere.

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4x05 // 4x09

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k so i put the semi hiatus sign cause i have exams till mid september, and i’m gonna be posting via queue and be around once in a while but no giffing. then classes start in late october so i have about a month off again so yay to that but till then half assed blogging

Teen Wolf » Perishable (4x09)

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